July 26, 2021
Ambulance drivers of the CCM have completed the protective driving course
Ambulance drivers of the CCM have completed the course of protective and evasive driving. The course comprises theoretical and practical parts. The drivers were taught to access the driving situation and to anticipate the good measures, to avoid potentially life -threatening situations.

Protective driving is a system for training the drivers which exceeds the limits of the standard driving programs. Its purpose is to teach a driver to avoid driving accidents irrespective of the external factors including weather conditions, faulty driving of the road users, state of the roadway covering.

During training the drivers perfect hard braking, maneuvering, backing run. Together with this, ambulance drivers of the CCM discussed such issues as checking out the travel conditions and blind areas, driving at night, studied methods of calculation of the possible paths of motion and speed of the surrounding vehicles. Basing on the results of the attestation all drivers were granted qualification certificates.