Uniforms production

Sewing production «CCM» is presented by «AlfaMed» company.

The factory was opened in 2020 in Krasnodar. During the year the company grew from a creative workshop to a sewing factory with a full production cycle.
Currently, the production is focused on closing the group's internal needs to provide all medical staff with clothing and personal protective equipment.
Range of production
Alfamed currently produces the following clothing list:
Special suits for work in Arctic conditions
Surgical Suits
Doctors smock
Fleece jackets, vests
Special medical suits for employees of remote objects
Winter and summer suits for medical professionals
Repair suits for drivers
Production Standards
All products are subject to certification
The materials meet the necessary requirements for use in areas with low temperatures.

The requirements of GOST «Special clothing for protection against low temperatures» for the IV and «special» climatic zone are taken into account.
Comfortable work
The manufactured garments are frost-resistant, moisture-proof, breathable and heat-resistant, keeping light weight.

It's practically nonobstructive.
Optimal of materials
The main materials used for the manufacture of insulated workwear are synthetic and natural raw materials.
Production steps
Design and construction
Preparation of leftovers, fabrics and cutting
Sewing finished products
All cleaned products pass quality control, then individually packed and labeled. They are then sent for storage to the warehouse, from where, upon request, we arrange delivery of the products.
Alfamed production
In the equipment Alfamed
  • Industrial sewing machines JACK JK for light, medium and heavy fabrics
  • Overlocks with integrated servo motor
  • Spacers JACK for sewing knitted goods with integrated servo motor with positioner and with smooth speed adjustment
  • JACK hinge machines with automatic foot lifting and thread trimming for all kinds of materials
  • JACK JK clamping presses controlled by programmable remote.
  • Sewing machines JACK to perform the tack.
  • Next-generation industrial embroidery machines
Plans for the future

Entering the foreign market
AlfaMed will completely shut down the internal needs of the group of companies for personal protective equipment and other types of clothing, and then begin to offer its products on the foreign market..

Expansion of production capacity
At present, AlfaMed is negotiating to become a resident of the logistics fleet under construction in the emerging light industry cluster.

Purchase of additional equipment - automated cutting complex and sewing machine. The equipment will increase productivity tenfold and eliminate the risk of defect. Automation will allow you to move away from manual labor, improve the quality of cutting and tailoring, increase production capacity and minimize the cost of products.