September 14, 2021
III International Remote Healthcare Conference was held in Tomsk
On 9 th and 10th September the international conference "Remote Healthcare. Course towards sustainable development" was held in Tomsk.

This is the only one international conference in Russia dedicated to the remote healthcare issues. It gathers around the representatives of the biggest industrial enterprises, medical professionals, scientists, state authorities and non-commercial organizations. Usually, such conferences deal with a whole range of problems connected with the remote healthcare, particularly, industrial medicine, hygiene and safety, training of medical personnel for the remote sites, medical evacuation, arctic and maritime medicine, new technologies in the remote healthcare and legal regulation of the medical activities.

The organizer of the Conference once again was the association "Remote Healthcare Institute" (Tomsk). The main sponsor and technical co-organizer was the Group of Companies "Center of Corporate Medicine".

This year the Conference provided for personal presence and online participation, the Conference languages were Russian and English.

The Conference offered seven sections and one meeting with discussion. 55 speakers from 15 countries, such as: Great Britain, the USA, Norway, Austria, Thailand, Morocco, the UAE, Spain, Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, made the presentations.

Because of the pandemic the major part of the foreign speakers did not come to Russia, however, they presented reports online. The speakers from Russia, the UAE and Kyrgyzstan appeared in person. 120 persons attended the Conference. Because of the anticovid measures other 700 persons joined to the Conference online.

The Conference focused on the vital issues of the remote healthcare. The participants discussed with particular interest modeling and evaluation of the risks for rotation workers, experience of the international companies in training personnel at the remote sites, in dangerous regions, and application of the new medical technologies when working far from the civilization. Together with this, the representatives of the industrial enterprises, who attended the Conference in person, stressed the importance of the vaccination, the systematic counter-measures to stop pandemic COVID-19 and to prevent the complications among the rotation workers.

Participation in the Conference of the honorable guest Boris Revich, professor, Novel laureate, advisor to the WHO regional office for Europe and the UNEP was a significant thing. His report was dedicated to the changes of the climate and related risks for the health of the Arctic population.

Inclusion of the Agenda for Sustainable Development became the defining characteristic of the Conference. In connection with this, Marina Vashukova, the executive director of the Russian network of the UN Global Compact, visited Tomsk.

A special section was dedicated to the Sustainable Development, where the representatives of such companies as RUSAL, 3M, X5-Retail Group, Nornickel, Severstal, VimpelCom spoke about investing in implementation of the ecological and social programs to support sustainable development of the regions. The speakers dwelt on such projects as reduction of carbon intensity, cyclic economy, inclusion, foodstuff safety, education and equitable access, and basing on the examples demonstrated significance of these aspects for the business, economy, and society.

Andrey Karpov, president of association "INOTZDRAV" sums up the Conference results:

"First of all, we, the organizers are happy with the development of the variety of issues considered. At the first conference we discussed only industrial healthcare. Now we speak about maritime medicine, sanitary aviation, and I think, that the next conference will bring more new topics for consideration. As an example, mining medicine. Together with this, the pull of participants will certainly continue to extend further. We really have to integrate with the leading medical universities, discuss personnel training for industrial healthcare and to add more speakers – representatives of the industrial companies. Finally, all should understand that the company's main assets are neither the equipment nor the barrel volumes, however, the level of care about the health of the employees."

"The main thing which I would like to emphasize is the multidisciplinary perspectives of the Conference. Together with medical issues we discuss the problems relating to business, legislative framework. Such form will allow us to organize our activity at the remote sites more effectively. This activity is of great importance for Russia in general, since it primarily deals with the demographic issues – health of the working population".

"And again, the starry cast and geography of the speakers- Latin and Northern America, Europe, Asia, and Russia - are astounding," – added Sergey Antipov, General Director of the "CCM",

For recording of the two days event – see YouTube channel of "INOTZDRAV"