Privacy policy

1. Terms and definition
1.1. Company - LLC Center for Corporate Medicine
1.2. User - a person who gets access to the service and information posted on the Site.
1.3. Website - the Company's website located on the Internet at
1.4. Agreement - this Agreement between users and websites, including graphic images and audiovisual materials, design elements and means of individualization, textual information and documentation, programs for downloading and files for downloading, any and any works, objects and materials of the Site, and the rules and terms of placement of users in the relevant sections of the Site.
2. General Terms and Conditions
2.1. Any materials, files and services on the Site may not be reproduced in any form, in any way, in whole or in part, without prior written permission. A link to the site is required, links to the site are required, a link to the site is obligatory, misleading, derogatory or offensive information. Translation, processing (modification), any modification of the Site materials, as well as any other actions, including the removal of unobtrusive information and information about copyright and copyright holders, is not allowed.
2.2. The current version of this Agreement is posted on the Internet on the Website. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement. 2 (two) days from the date of posting a new version of the Agreement on the Internet on the Site. He must remove all materials from his site, then stop using materials and services of the site. This means that you always receive consent and additional terms or notices posted on the Site.
3. User Obligations
3.1. The user agrees with actions that may lead to disruption of the normal operation of the Site and services. Site.
3.2. Any means of individualization, including trademarks and service marks equivalent to logos and emblems, are the property of their respective owners. Users may use all necessary means without the prior written permission of the respective owners.
3.3. The Company strives to ensure, however, does not control and does not guarantee the confidentiality and protection of any information posted on the Site or obtained from the Site. The company takes reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized disclosure of data, but is not responsible if such disclosure was allowed. All this allows you to disseminate information, distribute and disclose information. The posted information and materials ensure that the user has all the rights and powers necessary for this, taking into account the terms of this Agreement and the fact that such placement does not violate the protected rights and interests of third parties, international treaties and current legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.4. The user is solely responsible for any information and materials posted on the Site. The company does not initiate the placement of information, does not select recipients of information, does not affect the content and integrity of available information, and also provides access to information. , record and / or delete any information and materials posted by users on the Site.
User does not become a collaborator. Site and refuses any claim to such authorship in the future. This means that actions under this agreement cannot be terminated.
3.5. In the case of claims to third parties