July 27, 2021
The CCM is going to start preventive treatment of thrombus burden and rehabilitation of the rotation workers who came through COVID-19
The CCM together with the experts of the association Remote Healthcare Institute is developing the program which will allow to decrease the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases among the rotation workers who came through COVID-19.

The experts hope that they will be able to prevent such diseases as strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis, if they conduct monitoring of health of the workers who came through COVID-19. Together with this, special rehabilitation programs will be applied. All this will help to reduce possibility of the bad after-effects of the disease and the death rate.

Expert of "INOTZDRAV" (Remote Healthcare Institute) Ivan Tyutrin, M. D., professor, director of sciences of the "Mednord -Tekhnika" Ltd., reports:
"After-effects of COVID-19 mainly manifest themselves in the form of thrombotic complications and related aggravation of the symptoms and down to the death. We know that there is a certain risk group, particularly, rotation workers, workers of the remote industrial sites. Extreme weather conditions, chronic diseases, constant flights and stress during a changing environment- all these factors increase the probability of thrombus development. The overlay of the coronavirus infection will create a real threat to their health and lives."

To exclude development of the complications and death cases among the personnel of the remote industrial sites the healthcare professionals propose to start evaluation and dynamic monitoring of the health of the rotation workers. And first of all – analysis of the state of the blood coagulation system for preventive treatment of strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis. In the study one shall use a modern method of high-precision low-frequency piezothromboelastography.

The program will cover the workers who came through COVID-19 irrespective of the time period. Analysis of the state of the blood coagulation system will be conducted for all workers. If progression towards cardiovascular disease is detected the basic or targeted treatment plan will be applied. Treatment efficiency will be evaluated in the middle or end of the rotation period. The developed technique will allow to control the functional state of the employees and if required to perform corrective measures.

Sergey Antipov, Director General of the CCM said:
"We hope that in such a manner we will be able to reduce the risks of severe complications of the coronavirus infection among the employees and to prevent such undesirable outcomes as hospitalization, medical evacuation or death. Our task is to maintain good health of the workers so that they could labor productively".