Wednesday, February 22, 2018
Tomsk training center organized first aid trauma course for Moscow rescuers
ITLS provider is a course of medical care for injured people with injuries in the prehospital phase. Training is for a group of 8-12 people and with a duration of at least 18 hours. Under the guidance of the instructors, the participants develop stabilization of the patient's condition and preparation for medical evacuation (inspection of the patient, intraosseous access, injuries of the head, limbs, spine, chest, abdominal organs, removal from the vehicle, post-traumatic circulatory arrest, burns, etc.).

"The training took place on February 10-15 and was organized for two groups. The first included instructors of the National Council for Resuscitation - these are our Moscow partners, together we conduct training in the course of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The second group consisted entirely of rescue officers. Now "Arctic Medical Training" is the only center in Russia that can conduct an ITLS course with the issuance of an international certificate with a successful exam, so the demand is high and we are ready to provide our services to everyone who needs it, "said the deputy director of Arctic Medical Training »Ekaterina Borisenko.

Training is conducted through plenary demonstrations, lectures, practical exercises, group discussions and simulations of clinical situations using special equipment that simulates all human reactions.

"Not only doctors can complete the course. We give the most important skills that will help rescuers without medical education to assist in emergency situations competently,"Borisenko said.

Arctic Medical Training is a small innovative enterprise created in 2015 by Siberian State University, which has been the only supporting medical school since 2017, in cooperation with the Center of Corporate Medicine. The training Center for personnel working in the Arctic and offshore production trains employees of such companies as PJSC Gazprom Neft, AK Alrosa, the Republican Center for Air Ambulance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, SibMedCentre, Exom Mobil, Shell and others. The company is the only accredited training center in Russia according to the international standards of the American Heart Association and International Trauma Life Support with the right to issue certificates of international standard ITLS, ACLS.