Wednesday, April 3, 2019
The telemedicine solution of CCM can provide video for 250 participants simultaneously
The Center of Corporate Medicine introduced a telemedicine consultation system, which allows to simultaneously connect with 250 users. First of all, it is an opportunity to gather highly qualified specialists from around the world from different medical centers at one time. Real-time consultations are more demanding to technical equipment, they are carried out using broadband communication channels and video equipment.

There are planned, emergency video consultations and video - concilium. Direct communication between the consultant and the attending physician is provided in all these cases. Most commonly the video - consultations are held with the participation of the patient.


There is a very real resource for holding mass lectures, video seminars, conferences using telecommunication equipment. During classes, the teacher may have an interactive contact with the audience. As a result of the using such technologies, the doctor has an opportunity to continue a professional education without separation from the place of work.

Mobile telemedicine complexes

The mobile telemedicine complexes (portable, on the basis of the reanimobile, etc.) for work at emergency sites are being developed. Small-sized mobile diagnostic systems can be used in the absence of telemedicine cabinets and centers: ambulance cars, remote hospitals, teams of disaster medicine and air ambulance.

The system was tested with a large partner of CCM at a remote faсility, where there is no Internet. Employees launched satellite communications, with which they achieved a speed of 4 megabits per second.

The IT department of CCM is already working on developing a software solution and is planning to develop a large-scale medical information system.

"We are currently working on a project that will increase the potential of the telemedicine system. It is planned to add functionality that will allow to keep patient and drug records. We will also make a personal account for the customer, where he can go and receive reports. Naturally, all information will go through secure communication channels, we are developing a separate information security project for this, " - added Ilya Polyakov.

The popularity of the telemedicine is growing very quickly, the demand for services is increasing 10 times, especially the service is relevant for industrial facilities, because timely monitoring of employee health can prevent many occupational injuries and chronic diseases, in addition, to reduce the company's fines and losses.