Wednesday, February 06, 2018
The number of REM course facilitators was enlarged at Arctic Medical Training
The REM program was developed by specialists from the Stavanger Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Research in Emergency Medical Care SAFER in 2007 for the Norwegian oil companies Statoil and Conoco Philipps. The course consists of 12 simulations - these are real emergency situations at remote sites, in which a team of specialists should work out the standards of first aid to the injured people and to develop a teamwork.

"We conducted the first course in Russia in October; at that time, 4 of our instructors received certification. A special feature of the second year was a mixed composition of cadets - paramedics and first aid assistants without medical education were trained. Among them there were specialists from Gazpromneft-Vostok, who work at one of the fields. The instructors improved their teamwork, in case of an emergency, they can actually act as a team, which is consistent with the principles of the REM course, "said Sergey Antipov, CEO of the Center of Corporate Medicine group, which includes Arctic Medical Training .

The Foundation's specialists monitored the learning process via videoconferencing. Following the results of the work, two more employees of Arctic Medical Training were certified and received the status of certified instructors (facilitators) of the REM course.

At the moment, Arctic Medical Training is the only center in Russia that has the right to issue an international certificate confirming completion of the course. Russian doctors can be trained without going abroad, which significantly reduces costs.

The agreement on the use of the program was signed in March 2017 in Tomsk by the coordinator of the REM course of the SAFER foundation Lena Heymvik and the general director of the Center of Corporate Medicine Sergey Antipov.