Wednesday, 22 february 2017
Specialists of CCM held a master class for Gazpromneft-Vostok
The program of the master class consisted of several modules, among which there was a block on world standards and their application in practice. The exercise took place with the use of simulation training with the use of dummies, which are exactly the same as the human reaction, simulating a living organism.

"We talked about how to recognize the critical condition of the patient, how to provide first aid in the volume of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, in detail we analyzed all possible options for critical situations that may occur in the workplace," noticed Munir Shakirov, Executive Director of CCM Global.

The Corporate Medicine Center constantly provides similar workshops for partners, and several more study visits to Gazprom Neft subsidiaries are scheduled for 2017.
"During the master class, we tried to convey the maximum amount of useful information about industrial medicine, about the work of doctors at remote fields, so that employees understand what effectively organized medical service should be," said Mundirjon Shakirov.