Tuesday, 31 January 2017
Center for Corporate Medicine has been selected as an exclusive medical services provider to the only Arctic oil platform in Russia
"We have been working in the field of remote healthcare for 10 years and Gazpromneft-Shelf has entrusted our company with providing medical assistance on the Prirazlomnaya oilfield platform. This is the only Russian platform produces oil in the Arctic today, "said Sergey Antipov, General director of CCM. "Mining at Prirazlomnaya takes place both on the shore and at sea."

Work started from the beginning of January. The specialists of CCM will train medical personnel to work in arctic conditions on the basis of the Arctic Medical Training simulation center, support the remote industrial facility 24/7 via call center, and CCM doctors will also work on a platform at the sea and at the Varandey oil refinery complex.