Sunday, 29 January 2017
"Arctic Medical Training" trained over 500 people in emergency medical care during a year of work in Tomsk
During the first year of work at Arctic Medical Training, more than 540 people received training, including non-medical personnel at the fields. The partners of the center are international companies – leaders in the field of industrial medicine, such as Laerdal, Safer, Remote Health Care. The company's clients are the largest enterprises in Russia.

Now the center is engaged in training medical and non-medical personnel of various industries, security forces and the population in providing emergency medical and first aid in an artificial (simulated) environment.

"Before us, the monopolist was engaged in such training on the Russian market – a company with a head office in Singapore, and our center was created for the purpose of import substitution, we immediately focused on world standards and international experience," said Olga Kobyakova, rector of SibSMU.

The development of the shelf zone is strategically important for the Russian economy and must be accompanied by appropriate infrastructure. Oil and gas companies that operate in the Far North have strict requirements for medical care.

"The courses offered by our center are exactly what companies operating in the offshore zone require," said Olga Kobyakova.

The small innovative enterprise "Arctic Medical Training" was established by the Siberian State Medical University and the "Center of Corporate Medicine" in 2015 with the support of the Center for Cluster Development of the Tomsk Region. The training center is the only one in Russia that is accredited by international standards of the American Heart Association and International Trauma Life Support and issues certificates of international standard ITLS, ACLS.