Monday, 17 April 2017
The Institute of Remote Healthcare, the first in Russia, was opened in Tomsk
Remote Health Care in Tomsk is a branch of the Scottish Institute, which brings together experts in the field of remote health care.

The opening agreement the management of Center of Corporate Medicine and Remote Health Care concluded in September in Tomsk at the international conference "Innovative trends and development prospects in the field of industrial medicine and health protection." The project will allow the formation and implementation of the international standards for the protection of the health of people working at remote sites in Russia. The institute will be engaged in international research, training of specialists, medical evacuation from remote sites.

"Domestic oil and gas companies have an opportunity to receive an effective medical service on the basis of the first institute of remote healthcare in our country," said Sergei Antipov, President of Remote Health Care in Russia, General Director of CCM.

Remote Health Care has already begun to accept the first members, which can be both legal bodies and individuals. They will receive professional expert consultations, will be able to organize a medical service, as well as to take benefits – for example, free first aid courses.

The Scottish Institute of Remote Healthcare is the only organization in the world that is engaged in international research and practice in the field of industrial medicine and occupational safety.