Tuesday, 24 April 2018
ССМ is planning to organize a clinic at a new mining and processing plant in Zabaikalie
The Center of Corporate Medicine organizes a medical service at the Bystrinsky Mining and Processing Plant (GOK) in the Zabaikal region.

"Bystrinsky GOK is a large-scale project, with more than 2 thousand people working on it. We have been accompanying the plant since last August, our doctors are already on duty there, "said Sergey Antipov, General Director of the CCM Group of Companies.

The Norilsk Nickel project is located in Eastern Siberia, 550 km south-east of Chita. The plant consists of four open pits and two processing lines of the processing plant. It is planned that Bystrinsky GOK will produce 66 thousand tons of copper concentrate, 3.1 million tons of iron ore concentrate and 219 thousand ounces of gold in concentrate per year. The life of the field is more than 30 years, and its appearance will contribute to the development of Transbaikalia.

"The peculiarity of the project is that Bystrinsky GOK is located far from the settlements and the conditions in which the field is being developed are harsh and uninhabited. We have to equip a multidisciplinary clinic there, in which profile specialists will also work. In case of any accidents, injuries, heart attacks, the clinic should have a specialist who can help in time so that the patient have not to be transported to Chita and does not spend the main resource – time. We have extensive experience in organizing a remote clinic, so there is an understanding of how this should work," said Sergey Antipov .

It is planned that paramedics, surgeons, general practitioners will work in the clinic. Medical training in first aid will be handled by a small innovative enterprise of SibSMU and "ССМ" – "Arctic Medical Training".

The contract with "ССМ" is conducted for 5 years. The ceremonial start of commissioning work at the Bystrinsky GOK took place on October 31, 2017, this year, according to the press service of GRK Bistrinskoe LLC, the plant's production volume is expected to be 40 thousand tons of copper in concentrate and almost 6.5 tons of gold in concentrate (180–200 koz), as well as about 1 million tons of magnetite concentrate.