Thuesday, 10 May 2018
Aeroflot employees have been trained in the Moscow office of "Arctic Medical Training "
Simulation Medical Center introduced a new course of first aid -Emergency first response (EFR). The first training was completed by Aeroflot employees.

EFR is based on the standards of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation, it is a committee that develops medical standards and represents the largest resuscitation organizations in the world.

The course program consists of several blocks: assessment of the victim's condition, basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use of an automatic external defibrillator, help to a suppressed person, transfer to a safe position of an unconscious person, but with breathing, stop bleeding, help with burns, help with injuries of various localization ( breasts abdomen, limbs), the fixation of a foreign body in the wound, help with injuries of the limbs, head and spine.

"Before there were separate first aid courses and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, now our clients have the opportunity to receive this knowledge as part of a single EFR study, medical education is not required for training. Our instructors work in accordance with the latest recommendations in the field of resuscitation, all the skills we practice with modern simulation equipment, so that in emergency situation, the person was not taken aback and was able to assist, "- said the instructor of "Arctic Medical Training " Tatyana Khrapovitskaya .

The duration of the course is 8-9 hours, training is held in groups up to 12 people. According to the results Training Center issues an international certificate. "EFR is for all people who want to learn how to provide first aid correctly.

This knowledge is important for everyone. In the first group, Aeroflot employees and doctors attended the course. Everyone can be in a situation where a person becomes ill next to each other, and it is our actions that can save lives. We want to develop a culture of first aid, so we are introducing courses for people not related to medicine, "she said Khrapovitskaya.

"Arctic Medical Training "is a small innovative enterprise created by the group of companies" Center of Corporate Medicine "and the first supporting medical university of the Siberian State Medical University . Russia's leading training center for medical, paramedics and non-medical workers for work in the industrial space, in the Arctic and offshore fields, offers courses BLS (basic life support), ALS (advanced life-support courses), ITLS ( international trauma life support), ACLS (advanced Cardiovascular life support), courses on Offshore (oil facilities, ships, etc., located outside the territorial boundaries of the Russian Federation), first aid courses and courses for trainers of simulation centers. Training takes place according to international standards with the issuance of certificates of international standard.