Saturday, 09 June 2018
ССМ and the Norwegian SAFER foundation presented their cooperation experience at the international conference
In a joint report at the II International Conference of Rethinking Remote in Inverness (Scotland), the Tomsk Center of Corporate Medicine and the Stavanger Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Research in Emergency Medical Aid (SAFER) told about the training of first aid instructors via videoconferencing.

"For us, as well as for the SAFER, it was the first experience. Last spring, the foundation's experts trained our instructors in the REM course, and in the fall we have conducted a course by ourselves and the Norwegians watched remotely. There were many doubts whether it would be possible to evaluate the work, to transmit through the cameras a complete picture of everything that happens in our training center. But the result is positive, this winter we conducted the second course, expanded the team of instructors for the REM course in Russia. It turned out that this practice is interesting to the community. We told from both sides how we prepared the course, "commented the general director of CCM Sergey Antipov.

This year, the conference discussed several key topics in the context of remote healthcare: emergency management and pre-hospital care, education, the use of new technologies (unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, satellites, remote diagnostics and communications).

During his visit to Inverness, the CCM general director took part in a business breakfast, where they discussed the creation of a remote health care faculty at the Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons.

"The president and vice-president of the college, which is more than 500 years old, were present at the breakfast. Russia was represented only by us. It will be a great honor for us to join the committee of the founders of this faculty, this is an opportunity to bring modern practices in Russia, meet foreign experts, and expand international cooperation, " said Sergey Antipov.

In 2017, the Tomsk company and the Norwegian Foundation launched the REM course in Russia, the program of which was developed by SAFER specialists in 2007 for the oil companies Statoil and Conoco Philipps . The course consists of 12 simulations – these are real emergency situations at remote sites, in which a team of specialists should work out standards of first aid to the injured and to develop teamwork.