Monday, 25 June 2018
Tomsk Simulation Center conducted a training course for trauma first aid instructors at Moscow State University
On 16-17th of June at the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine in Moscow State University employees of the simulation center "Arctic Medical Training "conducted training for instructors on the International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) course.

"In 2015, our specialists were the first in Russia to study in Europe and receive status of instructors of ITLS course in our country. The demand for learning is increasing. Therefore, now we are facing the task of expanding the number of instructors. MSU was a kind of a platform, for us it is a valuable partner which we plan to develop cooperation with", – said the head of the project" Training" Ekaterina Borisenko .

ITLS instructor course on the basis of Moscow State University was attended by four anesthesiologists-resuscitators from Moscow and one from Murmansk. It was the first ITLS instructor course in Russia. The training was conducted jointly with an expert from Slovenia Anton Posavec.

"In March, our center was audited to receive the status of the first official ITLS office in Russia, this will allow us to train the instructors on our own. Our country is large, and we try to make the training for Russians as convenient as possible. From some Russian regions it's quite expensive to fly to Tomsk for studying, so we want to prepare representatives in the regions. At the same time, our team is mobile, we can conduct training on location, but the logistics should be comfortable, and the travel cost should not be higher than the course cost", – noted Ekaterina Borisenko .

The official opening of the first ITLS representative office in Russia will be held in Tomsk in the framework of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "MODERN SOLUTIONS FOR REMOTE HEALTHCARE" September 13-14.