Monday, 30 July 2018
Tomsk company became the first official ITLS representative office in Russia
The company Alfamed Training, which is a part of the Center of Corporate Medicine holding, received the status of the first official branch of the international non-profit organization International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) in Russia.

Application procedure to get the status took several months. On the 25-26th of March, ITLS coordinator in Slovenian chapter Anton Posavets and Chairman of the International ITLS Board of Directors Jonathan Epstein conducted an audit of the ITLS trauma first aid course at the Tomsk Center of Corporate Medicine. According to its results, in July the board of directors of an international organization decided to open an ITLS International chapter in Tomsk.

"We have been training this course since 2015, when our employees got training in Europe and became the instructors of the ITLS course. The status of the first certified chapter of ITLS International in Russia gives us the opportunity to train instructors in our country, to open our training centers allover Russia, "said the course director of ITLS in Russia Munirjon Shakirov .

ITLS is an intensive course on extended prehospital trauma care for specialists with medical and non-medical education. The course is considered as one of the most respected in the professional environment.