Wednesday, 01 August 2018
The system of "professional" health protection will be developed in Tomsk
The Institute of Remote Healthcare is developing a register of personnel for remote sites – the resource will help to trace the dependence of the diseases development at work, behavioral, climatic and geographic factors, as well as to provide workers health status data, plan and carry out prevention of the diseases development.

"One fifth of the Russian population, according to expert's opinion, will work at remote sites by 2020. Such working conditions bear certain risks, and our goal is to develop a system that will help to prevent occupational diseases before treatment is needed, "said Andrey Karpov, director of the Association of Remote Healthcare Institute .

The register of employees of remote sites will be a permanent system for collecting, clarifying and analyzing data on professional activities and health status of employees. The pilot site of the project will be a large oil refinery in Vietnam. As a result, a set of proposals will be formed to reduce occupational risks and improve the health of personnel.

"Now we are working on the methods of practical implementation of the project from the moment of receiving information and professional activities of employees to the formation of a survey algorithm that would allow us to get maximum data on the existing risk factors and existing violations in the main systems of the body. Traditional diagnostic methods used during medical examinations often do not identify the problem, especially in the early stages of the development of the disease, first of all it refers to cardiovascular diseases and cancer, so we plan to use functional diagnostic methods for testing, giving an idea of the state of reserve capabilities organism. For example, veloergometry, determination of the pulse wave velocity and a number of other methods, "said professor Karpov.

The register is also the main tool for conducting scientific research on assessing the risk of developing the disease depending on occupational factors, lifestyle factors, environmental factors, etc.

An important point of the prevention system in addition to regular medical examinations will be the analysis of information about risk factors in the workplace and behavioral factors.

"We cannot consider a person separately from the environment, we must take into account the conditions in which he works, whether he smokes, whether he is overweight, the accumulation of certain diseases in the family, etc. In Russia, there are virtually no similar information resources yet, except for the personnel registers of large enterprises of the nuclear industry, therefore we are faced with the ambitious task of developing principles for creating personnel registers of industrial enterprises for their formation in Russian companies regardless of their profile of activity", – said Andrey Karpov.