Saturday, 08 September 2018
The future of the telemedicine in 2050 will be discussed at the conference in Tomsk
On September 13-14, at the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "MODERN SOLUTIONS OF REMOTE HEALTHCARE" The Network Medical IT Park of the Siberian State Medical University will hold the foresight session "Telemedicine".

"This is a game in which we will combine the competencies of scientists and young specialists, experts of remote health care, to see the picture of the future as far as possible," said the organizer of the foresight session, the head of the Network Medical IT Park of the Siberian State Medical University, Alexander Golubeva .

Foresight participants will be divided into teams that will work out trends in the development of telemedicine technology and possible barriers to their progress. The first day of the foresight, participants will discuss what technologies exist today, and on the second, how trends can evolve and progress. The results of the groups will be combined into a single roadmap.

"We will work on technological trends in different time horizons: what is going to be in 2025, 2035, 2050. Based on our vision of the future, you can take steps to prevent and overcome technological barriers that may arise in the development of technology. The decision makers in the real economy will also be gathered at the site, which will allow us to understand which technological decisions to make a bias, what to develop, what to implement, "noted Alexandra Golubeva .

Russia's first IT-park of medical technologies of the first supporting medical university of SSMU is a unique ecosystem with comfortable conditions for the development and implementation of advanced technologies in medicine and healthcare.

The II International Scientific and Practical Conference is organized by the Association "Institute for Remote Health Care". The event will bring together experts from 10 countries in the field of industrial medicine and labor protection at its site.