Tuesday, 11 September 2018
A device to speed up the medical examination will be presented in Tomsk
On the 14th of September in Tomsk Special economic zone (Prospekt Razvitiya, 3, 6th floor), at the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "MODERN SOLUTIONS OF REMOTE HEALTHCARE " the Tomsk company "Center of Corporate Medicine " (CCM) will present a device that will help to speed up conducting of medical examinations at industrial sites, automatically measuring the main medical indicators of the patients.

Existing medical devices for rapid check up of the health status of an employee have limited capabilities. As usual, there is no function of simultaneous measurement of several parameters, which increases the testing time and reduces the accuracy of measurements.

"At the conference, we will present an industrial design of the device. The tests showed that it is possible to check the health status of large groups of workers as part of pre-shift medical examinations with the help of our gadget quickly and accurately", said Sergey Antipov, General Director of the CCM Group of Companies.

The device in the screening mode measures body temperature, blood pressure, allows you to make an electrocardiogram and identify signs of intoxication. According to the results of the examination, the physician makes a decision on admission to work or referring a person for additional examination.

"The last stage before the production of the series of device, is the use in real conditions at remote industrial sites. After summarizing the obtained data and eliminating the shortcomings, industrial production and promotion of development on the market will begin, "said the general director of ССМ.