Wednesday, 12 September 2018
International platform to discuss global problems of remote healthcare was created in Tomsk
On September 13-14, the II International Conference "MODERN SOLUTIONS FOR REMOTE HEALTHCARE" will be held in Tomsk

"Our conference is a unique platform for Russia. We invited the world's leading experts in remote healthcare. The main goal that we pursue is to get the best world experience and integrate it in Russia into our legislative environment, the practice of remote health care in order to preserve the life and performance of oil and gas industry employees, "said the president of the Association of the Remote Healthcare Institute, which organizes the conference, Sergey Antipov . About 140 participants and experts from 12 countries of the world will take part in the conference.

The five panel sessions will discuss the standards of medical care, the risks of developing occupational diseases and their management, medical evacuation, telemedicine, personnel training and international experience in remote healthcare. For those who can not come, the organizers have prepared a broadcast of events with the ability to ask questions to experts.

"There is a surge in mining in Russia, which requires medical support for people who carry out this activity. The question of how to provide this support effectively is now facing the whole world. Today, primarily under remote healthcare, emergency first aid is assumed, but this is not entirely correct, an integrated approach is needed, including an assessment of the risks of occupational diseases, occupational health, prevention, and psychological support, in order not to let emergency situation occur. We are trying to form a model of a medical service, which would solve this effectively under current economic conditions, "noted Antipov .

Conference program:

The first international conference "Innovative trends and development prospects in the field of industrial medicine and health protection" was held in Tomsk on September 22-23, 2016. More than a hundred international experts took part in the business program. Following the conference, three international cooperation agreements were concluded, the Institute of Remote Health was opened (as a strategic partner of the Institute of Remote Healthcare (Scotland)), which is the organizer of the current conference "Remote Healthcare – A Modern Solution to the Problem" in 2018.