Thuesday, 13 September 2018
Tomsk Association in cooperation with the American company will be engaged in industrial hygiene in Russia
Memorandum on cooperation in the field of industrial hygiene on the 12th of September in Tomsk was signed by the President of the Institute of Remote Health Care (RF) Sergey Antipov and the director of research and development department of Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc . (USA) Andrey Korchevsky.

"Our company is engaged in modeling the spread of pollution of the environment, assessing the health of workers at industrial plants, and organizing training sessions for specialists. The signing of the agreement is a great event for us : we hope that various projects will be initiated in Russia and other countries of the former USSR. This memorandum is an example of how relations between our countries will be improved , despite the political context, " Andrey Korchevsky commented on the signing .

The parties of the agreement are planning to provide industrial companies with services for occupational risk assessment and the impact of hazardous occupational factors on the health status of workers, as well as developing cooperation in research and educational activities.

"Industrial hygiene is just beginning to develop in Russia. Our task is to anticipate various risks and prevent the development of diseases. This is especially important now, in the context of the retirement age increasing, "said Sergey Antipov .

The agreement was signed as part of the work of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Remote Healthcare – A Modern Solution to the Problem", which takes place in Tomsk on September 12-14.