Thuesday, 13 September 2018
Tomsk is discussing the future of global remote healthcare
On Thursday, the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Remote Healthcare – A Modern Solution to the Problem" was opened in the Tomsk SEZ.

The conference was opened by the Deputy Governor on Social Policy of Tomsk region, Ivan Deyev , President of the INOTZDRAV Association, Sergey Antipov , Professor at the University of Aberdeen (UK) Nelson Norman, and member of the RSPP Commission on Healthcare Industry (Russia) Dmitry Efremov.

"Tomsk region is so big that several European countries can be placed in it. At the same time, some settlements are difficult to access, so the issue of telemedicine solutions for our region is extremely important. Every year the development of telemedicine technologies, understanding, the formation of a methodology becomes more and more detailed, new rules and new services are being formed. And the conference participants are faced the task of sharing the best experience so that the grouth would be as rapid as possible, " said Ivan Deyev, Vice-Governor for Social Policy of the Tomsk Region Administration, while opening the conference .

About 140 participants and experts from 12 countries will take part in the conference.

Presentations will be made by leading experts from IQARUS (UAE), the INOTZDRAV Association (Tomsk), the Center of Corporate Medicine (Tomsk), Polyus MC (Russia), Alrosa Airlines , Saipem (Croatia), the University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom ), American Association of Industrial Hygienists (USA), Kazakhstan National University al- Farabi , Abu Dhabi State University (UAE), University of Camerino (Italy), German Stroke Foundation (Germany), SAFER Foundation (Norway), Royal Surgical College of Aberdeen (United Kingdom), Helicopter Systems Center (Slovenia). In the five panel sessions, participants will discuss the standards of medical care, the risks of developing occupational diseases and their management, medical evacuation, telemedicine, personnel training and international experience in remote healthcare. For those who can not come, the organizers have prepared a broadcast of events with the ability to ask questions to experts.

Conference program:

The first international conference "Innovative trends and development prospects in the field of industrial medicine and health protection" was held in Tomsk on September 22-23, 2016. More than a hundred international experts took part in the business program. Following the conference, three international cooperation agreements were concluded, the Institute of Remote Health was opened (as a strategic partner of the Institute of Remote Healthcare (Scotland)), which is the organizer of the current conference "Remote Healthcare – A Modern Solution to the Problem" in 2018.