Friday, 02 November 2018
Munirjon Shakirov: CCM goal is to create medical units at remote sites that work as successfully as in the city
What should be the ideal medical platform in remote areas, and what factors should be considered when forming it, told Munirjon Shakirov, Commercial and development director of CCM.

"The structure of remote healthcare is strikingly different from that formed in the city, where there is an ideal infrastructure accessibility of medical institutions," said Munirjon Shakirov.

Today, the ССМ company operates on several types of remote sites: these are field camps, oil platforms, mining and processing mines and oil refineries. All these territories are united by two factors: they are beyond the limits of infrastructural accessibility and are limited in space.

"When forming standards for organizing a medical unit at remote sites, a differentiated approach is needed – this is the foundation upon which all other factors are "strung", including climatic, geographical and quantitative ones. We must take into account the specifics and hazardous factors of production, "explained the speaker.

According to him, the company's specialists have identified four main tasks that the remote health care system should solve. The first is the organization of successful medical care, including emergency and evacuation, the second is the holding of preventive measures. Two more tasks are the definition of a full-scale, ideal medical emergency response plan and the complete minimization of occupational risks. There are several problems on the way to solving these issues, which can be divided into three areas: organizational, legal and personnel.

"At the moment there is no unified standard for organizing medical equipment at remote sites: each customer forms an application based on his conviction and based on the minimum requirements set by the licensing committee. These requirements, as a rule, are not enough for us to organize competent comprehensive assistance. The personnel question is also acute: who should be this "superman" working at a remote site? What competencies should he have? "- says Munirjon Shakirov.

He said that in addition to the selection and training of medical personnel, "CCM" is engaged in training medical assistants from among the staff of industrial personnel. In case of an emergency, they will need to help the doctor.

"We formulate all these requirements for ourselves, guided by our main goal: to help people. After all, the life of people depends on how well the medical service will be formed. If we want to avoid emergency situations and evacuations, the medical system should work perfectly, as in a city. Our goal is to create such a system, " Munirjon Shakirov concluded .