Thuesday, 08 November 2018
About 30 medical assistants have been prepared by instructors of "Arctic Medical Training " for " Bashneftegeofizika "
Instructors of Arctic Medical Training (AMT) prepared 27 medical assistants from among employees of Bashneftegeofizika JSC who work on a rotational basis.

"Usually, there is not a team of doctors working at the site," in the field, "but only one medical officer. But in case of an emergency, when urgent medical intervention is required, and you need to act quickly and smoothly, the doctor may need help. In this situation, medical assistants from the number of engineers, workers or drivers without unnecessary questions will perform the manipulations necessary to help the physician, "said the instructor of AMT, the deputy head of the company Tatyana Khrapovitskaya.

She added that the training of employees of Bashneftegeofizika JSC was held in Ufa. Courses on BLS (basic life support) and ITLS ( pre-hospital trauma care) in three groups were attended by 27 people.

"Our courses are practice-oriented, we also give a theory, but our students get acquainted with it in advance. People, as a rule, are not accustomed to such a format of classes, when they are constantly involved in the learning process, work out all the skills with their own hands, and are involved in playing situational tasks. But it is this format that makes it possible to assimilate and memorize information in the best way, and effectively provide medical assistance in a real situation, "explained Tatyana Khrapovitskaya.

From 12th to 19th of November, instructors of the AMT company will again work in Ufa, they will have to train two more groups of medical assistants for the company of Bashneftegeofizika JSC.

Arctic Medical Training was established in 2015 by the Center of Corporate Medicine group of companies and the Siberian State Medical University. She was the first in Russia to begin training medical professionals with internationally certified certificates for work in the Arctic and offshore fields. At present, AMT instructors conduct courses BLS (basic reanimation), ALS (extended life support courses), ITLS ( prehospital trauma care), ACLS (extended cardiac maintenance protocol), REM (courses for work on oil facilities, sea vessels and others outside the territorial boundaries of the Russian Federation), as well as first aid courses and courses for trainers of simulation centers.