Tuesday, 20 November 2018
The joint educational program of MSU and the Tomsk company "AMT" starts in 2019
In 2019, the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine in Moscow State University (MSU) and Arctic Medical Training ("AMT"), a member of the Center of Corporate Medicine group of companies ("ССМ"), are planning to conduct a joint educational program for additional professional education "Providing Pre- Hospital Care for Trauma".

"After studying and passing the exam, students receive a certificate of advanced training of the state sample and an international certificate of ITLS Provider ," said the head of the AMT simulation center Ekaterina Borisenko.

"Arctic Medical Training " today is the only certified representative of the international organization International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) in Russia.

The company "Arctic Medical Training " was established in 2015 by the group of companies "Center of Corporate Medicine" and the Siberian State Medical University. It was the first in Russia to begin training medical staff with internationally accredited certificates for working in the Arctic and offshore fields. At present, AMT instructors conduct courses BLS (basic reanimation), ALS (extended life support courses), ITLS ( prehospital trauma care), ACLS (extended cardiac maintenance protocol), REM (courses for work on oil facilities, sea vessels and others outside the territorial boundaries of the Russian Federation), as well as first aid courses and courses for trainers of simulation centers.