Thuesday, 13 December 2018
The training center of the National Council for Resuscitation and Arctic Medical Training will conduct a series of courses for employees of the Higher School of Economics
On the 7th of December, in Moscow, on the basis of the Training Center of the National Council for Resuscitation (NCR) and the company Arctic Medical Training (AMT), which is part of the group of companies Center of Corporate Medicine (ССМ), the first of three trainings on first aid (EFR_BLS) for employees of the Language and Brain Center of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (HSE) have passed.

"We managed to win a tender for a cycle of courses, in total, we will train 23 employees," said Margarita Maiste, manager of the Training Center.

Emergency First Response ( EFR) first aid course is based on provisions of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). This is a committee that develops medical standards and represents the largest resuscitation organizations in the world.

"This course involves familiarization with most of the conditions that require first aid, the practical development of skills to assist, and also help children and babies. Following the results of training, an international official numbered certificate of EFR and ERC is issued at the same time, "said Margarita Maiste .

Recall, the training center of the NCR and "AMT" was opened in Moscow in 2017.

The Russian National Resuscitation Council was established in 2004 to unite the scientific and practical potential of the Russian regions in the field of resuscitation, to analyze accumulated experience, to create unified training programs for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, standardized methods that meet international requirements.

Arctic Medical Training was established in 2015 by the Center of Corporate Medicine group of companies and the Siberian State Medical University. It was the first in Russia to begin training medical professionals with internationally certified certificates for work in the Arctic and offshore fields. At present, AMT instructors conduct courses BLS (basic reanimation), ALS (extended life support courses), ITLS ( prehospital trauma care), ACLS (extended cardiac maintenance protocol), REM (courses for work on oil facilities, sea vessels and others outside the territorial boundaries of the Russian Federation), as well as first aid courses and courses for trainers of simulation centers.