Wednesday, 05 December 2018
Undergraduates of Siberian State Medical University will be able to study the problems of remote health care
Graduates of the Siberian State Medical University ( Siberian State Medical University ) in the framework of the Center for the Study of remote health problems will engage in research in the field of remote health care.

Recall that the Center for the Study of Remote Health Problems was established in November 2017 by the Institute of Remote Healthcare ( Inotzdrav ) and Siberian State Medical University .

"The purpose of the organization is to develop educational programs and standards for the training of specialists who could work in the field of remote health care. Currently, such specialists are not trained at universities, and industrial companies that choose a medical contractor, as a rule, are oriented toward providing emergency assistance. Our ideology provides for a more serious approach: we want a specialist who works at a remote site to carry out comprehensive monitoring of the health of employees, "said professor Olga Kobyakova, rector of the Siberian State Medical University.

According to him, a doctor working at a remote industrial facility should carry out a set of monitoring, preventive and educational measures aimed at reducing production risks. To do this, he needs to have a whole set of competencies, for example, knowledge in the field of industrial hygiene, as well as the skills of psychological assistance.

"A person working on a shelf platform or on the territory of a shift camp finds himself in extreme conditions: he is limited in space, isolated from the world, living conditions are more often with minimal comfort and in a harsh climate. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the psychoemotional state, identify existing violations and try to reduce their severity in time. After all, very often psycho-emotional stress acts as a catalyst of the health problems development. As a result, a seemingly healthy person at an industrial facility may experience the development of such conditions as instability of arterial pressure, arrhythmia, worsening of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, etc., "said the director of the Association Inotzdrav , expert on the scientific activities of the group of companies "Center of Corporate Medicine" (GC "ССМ"), Professor Andrey Karpov.

Within the framework of the Center's work , a scientific direction is being formed at the Department of Health Organization and Public Health at SSMU to study problems of remote health care. The development of this direction will also be promoted by the 2-year master's degree program this year, specializing in the organization of health care.