Tuesday, 16 October 2018
Specialists of ССМ took part in the discussion of the Digital Hospital project at the U-NOVUS forum.
From the 10th to 12t of October, a Digital Hospital workshop was held at the U-NOVUS -2018 forum of new solutions in Tomsk , in which more than 120 representatives from 25 companies took part.

The Digital Hospital project involves the system optimization and digitalization of medical processes, with the result that the best scientific, technical, educational and clinical solutions are combined on one platform. The pilot project is planned to be implemented on the basis of clinics of the Siberian State Medical University ( SibSMU ).

At the workshop were the heads of clinics SibSMU , scientists, doctors, project leaders in the relevant area. The sessions were attended by representatives of IT, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, private clinics, the Ministry of Health, as well as specialists in design and data processing – about a hundred people. The organizers of the workshop are Siberian State Medical University and the Foundation "Center for Strategic Research" North-West ".

"We presented our development at the forum, a device that will be used for medical examination at remote sites. As for the idea of a digital hospital, it is very relevant now, the possibilities of an electronic hospital are endless. One of the panellists, a professor from the University of Helsinki, said that in the near future there would be no need for doctors to participate in the hospital. For us, this was very unexpected, but this industry is indeed developing by leaps and bounds, "said Sergey Antipov, General Director of the Center of Corporate Medicine group of companies (" CCM ").