Thuesday, 13 December 2018
"ССМ" is planning to increase its presence at the international market in 2019
One of the areas of work of the group of companies "Center of Corporate Medicine" ("CCM ") in 2019 is to increase its presence at the international market. The plans include active development in Central Europe, in particular, the purchase of clinics in Czech Republic, as well as intensive work in Southeast Asia.

"One of the tactical directions of development of our company is going beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. In 2018, we successfully worked on the territory of Vietnam. Next year we plan to increase our presence in South-East Asia, namely, to open an office in Malaysia. This is a country where a large number of oil companies operate, in addition, it is located close to Singapore and Indonesia, and we also plan to cover these territories", – said Sergey Antipov, General Director of CCM.

He added that he is also planning to solve the problem of purchasing the clinics in Czech Republic in 2019, those clinics are focused on check-up and medical examinations.

"Buying a medical business is a difficult process, it requires serious research. We are planning to close this issue in 2019", – said Sergey Antipov.

The General Director of CCM stressed that entering the international arena and becoming a global companies are one of the important directions of the holding development.