Wednesday, 19 December 2018
Price reduction and competition with municipal hospitals: the general director of CCM spoke about trends in industrial medicine in 2018
Sergey Antipov, CCM General Director, spoke about the trends of the medical services market at remote industrial facilities in 2018.

Reduction of funding

One of the determining factors in 2018 was the economic situation in Russia and abroad. According to Sergey Antipov, industrial medicine is financed mainly by the employers themselves – these are, as a rule, large oil and gas producing and service companies. The reduction in the price of oil and, as a result, the decrease in the profitability of these enterprises was the reason for reducing the cost of medical care.

"If you look at the results of tenders, it is clear that the decisive factor is increasingly the price of services. It is gratifying that there are companies that are trying to form high-quality medical structures, to monitor the correctness of the provision of medical services. Despite the current situation, we will ensure high quality of work, we will invest in the training of our staff, as well as in modern equipment and technologies that allow us to provide more efficient medical care at remote sites, "said Sergey Antipov.

He added that Corporate University was opened in the company "ССМ" in 2018, which allows to train employees not only in basic clinical disciplines, but also in management skills.

Key players

Today three types of players can be distinguished at the medical services market at industrial facilities: large Russian and foreign medical companies, regional and city municipal hospitals, and micro enterprises. The first ones, to which "ССМ" belongs, have financial potential and can participate in tenders requiring serious preparation and study. Municipal regional and city clinics, located near the remote sites, also occupy a significant market share in 2018.

"The main task of these institutions is to provide medical assistance to people living in the territory of this municipality. There are so few human resources there, and doctors also travel to remote sites. Thus, the chief doctors are trying to solve the issue of raising wages for their staff, and as a result, the quality of care is lost in the hospital and at the remote facility. At the same time, local clinics can dump in the price, since they also have budget financing, "the general director of the holding explained.

As for microenterprises , these are small companies, which are more often located near industrial facilities. They take part in tenders, but due to low financial opportunities, they are inferior in many positions to large players.

Where the exit is?

Sergey Antipov noted that, despite the increase in the volume of work and the increased financial turnover in 2018, profitability have decreased. However, the group of companies "ССМ" will continue to go at the intended course, for this the management of the holding identified several tactical areas. One of them is going beyond the borders of the Russian Federation.

"In 2018, we successfully worked on the territory of Vietnam. Next year we are planning to increase our presence in South-East Asia, namely, to open an office in Malaysia. This is a state where a large number of oil companies work, in addition, it is located close to Singapore and Indonesia, we also plan to cover these territories, "the general director of the holding said.

He added that in 2019 he is also planning to solve the problem of purchasing clinics in Czech Republic, those clinics are focused on check-up and medical examinations.

The plans for the next year are also investments in telemedicine, in particular, in the development of a call center, which was opened in 2017.

"The work of the call center includes the organization and tracking of the evacuation, the connection of the doctor for consultation, treatment, control, if necessary, the transmission of diagnostic information through closed channels and much more. There are no people prepared for such work, so we are constantly learning. In addition, we purchase equipment for a call center, create closed channels, and ensure the confidentiality of the transmitted data, "explained Sergey Antipov.

In 2018, at the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "MODERN SOLUTIONS FOR REMOTE HEALTHCARE," CCM presented its own development – a device for a quick medical examination. In the near future it is planned to receive five samples of this product. According to Sergey Antipov, there is already an analogue of such a device in Russia, but its cost is several times higher than the sample created in Tomsk.

Another area that is actively developing a group of companies – a special assessment of working conditions.

"The state has begun to regulate more strictly the definition of harmful and hazardous working conditions, and this year, along with a special assessment of working conditions, we are starting to carry out a risk assessment of diseases," said Sergey Antipov.

He stressed that, despite all the difficulties, the quality of medical services was and remains the strategic value of CCM.