COVID-19 desease-control system
In the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic we are taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection, protect healthy employees and helping the sick.

At all objects that we support, we are follow the situation, provide screening and give all necessary recommendations to the out clients. In case of positive diagnosis is detected, we take measures to isolate and treat patients with a mild degree of COVID-19.
COVID-19-fight measures system
Development of an individual program and covid19-fight measures on the site
Consulting and guidance services
Analysis of each individual situation and preparation of individual recommendations to the our client
Daily medical checkups with thermometry
In-lab sampling
Bio-material selection for diagnostic tests on a Covid-19 before arrival at the site and on the site
Quarantine Management System
1) Isolation and medical monitoring of persons coming from an hotspot regions

2) Conducting PCR tests to detect Covid-19 infection among those surveyed
Hospital isolation for sick
1) Treatment of patients with proven mild to moderate COVID-19 diagnosis

Bed capacity from 150 and above
>15,000 tests
More than 15,000 tests have been conducted as part of the COVID-19 measures
These actions will allow you to safely change of employees with the shift method of work and keep they health without stopping the process.

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