June 29, 2021
The second panel discussion on maritime medicine organized by Remote Healthcare Association and CCM Group will focus on international experience
The second panel discussion «Maritime medicine. International Experience» will be held on July 14 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The organizers of the panel discussion are the Remote Healthcare Association and CCM Group.

The purpose of this discussion is to combine international experience, find ways of international partnership, and share the results of research and the new methods in maritime medicine.

The speakers of the round table will be

  • Ivan Lepetinsky - Maritime Rescue Service, Russia.
  • Alexander Naumenko - Maritime Rescue Service, Russia.
  • Erika Smolina - Novomed Medical Center, Russia.
  • Konstantin Logunov - Inotzdrav Association, Russia.
  • Ilona Denisenko - Association for Research and Education in Marine Medicine, VISTA Association, Russia.
  • Tariq Gailan - Moroccan Society of Marine Medicine, Morocco.
  • Luisa Canals - University of Cadiz and Tarragona, Spain.

The full program and panel discussion agenda are available on the panel discussion website.

Date: July 14, 2021, 10:00 — 13:00 (MSK)

Location: Moscow, Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Online participation is available. Required registration.

For offline participation contact the organizers at info@remhc.org

The first panel discussion on marine medicine, organized by Remote Healthcare Association and CCM Group, was held on April 21. Speakers' presentations and the resolution on the panel discussion are available on the website of the first round table.