Tuesday, September 8, 2020
CCM Group launches new business direction
CCM Group has launched a new business direction — making ergonomic workwear for the medical staff working in adverse weather and climatic conditions, even in the far north. The workwear will be developed individually, based on the needs of medical staff.

«We conducted a survey, interviewed our employees working in hard climatic conditions and identified their needs. They told us what is missing in the current kits, which areas in the equipment are quickly wearing out, and what characteristics are most important for them. Of course, their opinion will be taken into account when developing a new line of workwear», - says Elena Shestozub, Marketing Director of CCM Group.

The company's own production facilities will enable it to provide its employees with maximum convenience and comfort, based on their needs rather than on market opportunities, and to significantly reduce costs.

At the moment, the production is focused on internal needs, but we do not exclude the possibility of entering the global market.