Friday, March 1, 2019
ССM presented a draft of "Concept of occupational risk assessment for industrial workers"
At the 28th of February in a head office of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) in Moscow, a round table meeting "Risk Assessment and Management in the development of the National Standard "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Organization of medical care, disease prevention and health promotion" was held. Representatives of the CCM together with the American expert of the Remote Healthcare association presented their draft of "Concept of occupational risk assessment for industrial workers", which is planned to be introduced in the companies that are members of the RSPP.

The problem of protecting and improving the health of the working population continues to remain significant. In this regard, the issues of improving the health assessment system at industrial enterprises and its monitoring come to the fore and risk assessment issues for occupational and non-infectious diseases.

During the meeting, participants discussed modern approaches to the assessment of working conditions and health risks, the most pressing problems in this area and ways to solve them.

The project of the Concept was presented by the expert of "Remote Healthcare association", the RnD Director of Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene (USA), Professor Andrey Korchevsky and the IT director of ССМ Ilya Polyakov.

On the meeting was also presented a number of reports summarizing international experience in the field of occupational health protection.

"The event was very productive; our reports aroused great interest and positive feedback from specialists of the field. We were also able to assess once again the problems relevant to the industrial, scientific and medical communities in the field of industrial hygiene. Of course, during the work on the Concept, we will continue the dialogue with RSPP and we plan to present the final version of the document by September", - commented Professor Andrei Karpov, the director of the "Remote Healthcare Association".