Tuesday, 14 february 2017
Employees of "CCM" rescued a person at a site in the Nenetsky district
An employee of the company with a diagnosis of myocardial infarction survived due to the fact that the CCM doctors promptly and correctly provided emergency first medical aid in an industrial environment. "In a difficult situation, you showed the highest professionalism, efficiency, spiritual generosity and kindness, which ultimately positively affected the successful outcome," - says in thanks to the doctor Nina Petrenko and medical assistant Elena Tataeva.

"The main assessment of our work is human life. The value in our business is not earned money, but saved lives," commented Sergey Antipov, General Director of the Center of Corporate Medicine. Doctors trained in our simulation center were able to correctly and promptly assist in difficult conditions. For me, as a manager, this is the highest grade. This means we are preparing highly professional and responsible specialists. "