Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Center of Corporate Medicine, LLC. will establish a joint venture with the Sakhalin Industrial Park
Center of Corporate Medicine, LLC. plans to set up a joint venture located on the territory of "Sakhalin Oil & Gas Industrial Park" for management of the medical center on industrial area. On 5 April a letter of intent was signed with the joint-stock company Sakhalin industrial park.

"Sakhalin Oil & Gas Industrial Park" is the massive industrial site which is in the northern part of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Its total area is 70 hectares and it would be ensure 8 companies on 40 service directions. This technology park will be a basis for the development of import substitution on services in industry and there will be created thousands of jobs. The general volume of the investment into the project will more than 15 billion rubles. Design and construction of the first facilities begins in 2019 the year. The construction of Phase I is expected to reach its design capacity in 2020.

Under the agreement, technical plans will have been developed by Center of Corporate Medicine, LLC. for the medical center of the industrial park by 2020. The Medical Centre will provide assistance directly for residents of industrial park.

CCM presents the option of mobile "health points" on-site for arrangement medical support of construction and engineering work in the near future.

«We will create TOR for the design of medical center which will be analyzed and agreed with Management Company of "Sakhalin Oil & Gas Industrial Park". On a base of technical specifications will be developed project to the later parts of the construction process of modern medical center. Joint venture will carry out a health centre management and CCM would be used to serve the clinic and mobile "health points"» said Dmitriy Donskov.