Wednesday, March 20, 2019
"Center of Corporate Medicine" sent the latest of a series of reanimobiles to a remote facility
"Center of Corporate Medicine" has acquired a new C class reanimobile. The machine is prepared for the rugged environment at remote facilities including the underdeveloped road infrastructure in all weather conditions.

Staff health is the most important resource of any company. In developed companies,healthcare management is considered as one of the most important methods which can minimize the costs of companies and stimulate employees.

Good health management system in company helps to reduce the incidence of a disease by 40-50%, work incapacity by 20%; increase the detectability of chronic illnesses by 10-15% and reduce the average durationoftemporary incapacity for workby 30%. Fleet expansion is one of many steps to improve enterprise health management.

The machine is designed for curative servicesby ambulance crew, transportation and monitoring of patienthood in the prehospital phase.

The equipment includes everything necessary for prehospital medical aid: a heartbeat monitor, a lung ventilator, equipment for oxygen supply to the patient, an electrocardiograph, a perfusor, immobilization devicesand much more. Our reanimobile is equipped and ready to save lives!

The reanimobile will be driven to remote facilities this week as a part of the Gazpromneft-Geo project.