Wednesday, November 15, 2017
"Center of Corporate Medicine" initiated a project in the Smart Technologies Tomsk cluster
CCM, "Mikran" and Siberian State Medical University cooperate in the Alliance "Information and Communication Integrated Systems for Extreme Natural Conditions" of the innovative territorial cluster Smart Technology Tomsk. Together, the company and the university have developed a telecommunications solution, which gives the opportunity to provide consultations to medical staff at remote sites 24/7 and to transfer the results of patient's analyzes to the specialists.

"The project is focused mainly on oil and gas companies. As usual, a paramedic or a general practitioner works at an industrial health center. When it comes to complex diseases, the help of a specialist is needed. Telemedicine provides an opportunity to receive this consultation, to make the correct diagnosis, to prescribe the correct treatment, "said Sergei Antipov, General Director of CCM.

"Mikran" provides technical support and provides equipment for communication, consultations of physicians are carried out by specialists of SSMU, "Center of Corporate Medicine" is responsible for organizing health centers at remote sites and acts as the initiator of the project. This is a ready, tested product. The development includes a complex of equipment and its medical support. The equipment makes it possible to transmit diagnostic information (ultrasound, ECG, analyzes) over a distance to medical institutions, where narrow specialists work with the obtained data and give feedback.

"24/7 consultation of medical experts is a unique experience for Russia at remote industrial sites; our company launched such call-center this year. We supply equipment, we connect it. If there is no possibility to connect to sources of communication, then Mikran joins with its competences. We also have trained personnel who can work in such conditions. We have assembled a pool of equipment, a pool of specialists, we do it bilingually, therefore we are attracted to international projects, "said Sergey Antipov.

The technology is mobile and can be localized at different sites. The project participants are planning to take the initiative to Gazprom and offer telemedicine services for the construction of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.

"We are already providing this service to Gazprom on Sakhalin, it will be a great honor for us to provide domestic products for a strategically important project in our country," the head of Center of Corporate Medicine emphasized.