Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Center of Corporate Medicine "and Siberian State Medical University will be engaged in the development of standards and training for remote health care
"Remote sites are territories that are at a great distance from populated areas with developed infrastructure: mountainous areas, tundra, deserts, and industrial facilities — mines, offshore mining, and so on. Remote healthcare is providing medical care to people working at such facilities, "said Sergei Antipov, general director of Center of Corporate Medicine.

In Russia, more than 800 thousand people are employed in the field of mining. According to Sergey Antipov, the system of medical care requires the development of standards that will prevent the development of occupational diseases and preserve the health of employees.

"Our country is one of the leaders in the development of mineral resources, while we do not have a system for training specialists in remote health care. We want to combine the experience of our company and the scientific competence of SSMU. The system of remote health care is not so much the provision of emergency assistance as the creation of a system of comfortable life support for a person: medicine, psychological rehabilitation, rest, and normal nutrition in one complex, "said Sergei Antipov.

The Center for the Study of Remote Health Problems on the basis of the Siberian State Medical University will deal with three areas of work: education (training for work at industrial facilities), research (studying factors that influence the development of various diseases) and consulting (organization of medical care at industrial facilities).

"We offer students from the fourth year to study what is really in demand all over the world. This is a chance to get a unique specialty, to practice at a remote facility, to raise the level of education for free, to gain knowledge, which will definitely be a plus for further professional activities. It is also an opportunity to pursue a scientific career - to summarize the experience of industrial medicine, to participate in scientific conferences, "said rector of the Siberian State Medical University, professor Olga Kobyakova.