Wednesday, 15 March 2017
CCM will train medical personnel in Russia and the CIS on courses offered by the Norwegian SAFER Foundation
The purpose of the agreement is to provide offshore courses for training personnel in Russia and the CIS working on offshore oil platforms and other remote facilities. The agreement provides for the transfer of the right to use the original training programs developed by the SAFER Foundation for the training of medical specialists in Russia and the CIS countries. Now, specialists of the Center of Corporate Medicine will conduct courses for industrial companies in accordance with international standards and innovative technologies in education.

"The courses that we pass on were developed together with Norwegian oil and gas companies in order to improve and enhance the safety of employees of industrial enterprises who work in remote, hard-to-reach and harsh conditions. For us, it is a great honor to enter the Russian market through a Tomsk innovative company. SAFER introduced new standards, and now CMS will be able to conduct training for organizations in Russia and the CIS", said SAFER offshore courses coordinator Lena Heymvik.

According to General Director of the Center of Corporate Medicine Sergey Antipov, Norway has the largest and most valuable work experience in the Arctic; now, the Center of Corporate Medicine has the opportunity to transfer this experience to Russia.

"The signing of the agreement is a new milestone for us in the development of the company, we are grateful that the busy people took the time to come to Siberia to conduct training courses and start a lot of work. Human life always remains the main value and our main work is aimed at ensuring that people's life is healthy, and work brings success and joy "noted Antipov.

After signing the contract, within two weeks the coaches of the SAFER Foundation will share their experience and train specialists of the Center of Corporate Medicine. After that, the CMC trainers will be able to conduct an offshore course program independently.