Assistance center
Assistance center
The Assistance Center was established in 2014, it is located in Moscow. The Centre provides 24-hour support and advising for medical staff at remote and offshore facilities. Consultations are held using telemedicine technologies in Russian and English.
What we do:

  • Assistance in arranging medical evacuation
  • Escort of the patient during his\her medical evacuation and hospitalization
  • Remote consultations by qualified specialists of various profiles
  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Online consultations

Our technical capabilities:

  • IP Telephony
  • Video Conference
  • Call Recording
  • ERP, CRM, GIS systems
  • ClearOne equipment & Spontania software allowing to store the electronic patient records, statistics, and reports.
Assistance center tasks
Consultations 24/7
Emergency and scheduled consultations with specialists, medical consultations in 24/7 mode
Medical evacuations
Assistance in organizing medical evacuations and its support
Medical data
Reception and transmission of medical information in real time by means of mobile software complex on the basis of equipment ClearOne and software «Spontania» (data of electrocardiogram, ultrasound and others) via protected communication channels.
Emergency medical response plan
We participate in the development and implementation of the emergency medical response plan for remote facilities together with client ' s representatives
Information support
Information support for remote health centers
The second opinion
Online 24-hour consultation with doctors of narrow specialization
How it works
Medical station
Providing with a software complex and communication channels
Assistance center
Communication via videoconferencing Spontania, e-mail, IP or mobile telephony and others
  1. Deployment a secure electronic room
  2. Involvement of specialist
  3. Establishment of medical consultation
  4. Moderating the communication process
As required
  1. Medical evacuation arrangements
  2. Ambulance team called
  3. Interaction with health facilities
  4. Call for emergency services
  5. Connecting other participants of medical care
Why companies choose us
  • 1. Reducing the risks
    Reduction of the risks of disability in employees of remote facilities
  • 2. Evacuation
    Timely identification of indications for evacuation
  • 3. Reduction of mortality
    Minimization of mortality and permanent disability through the timely involvement of medical specialists as consultants
  • 4. Patient tracking
    Patient tracking at all levels of medical evacuation, right down to medical discharge
  • 5. Consulting
    Getting a highly qualified specialist consultation in less than a minute
  • 6. Access to care
    Improving the quality and accessibility of medical care at remote facilities
  • 7. Integrated approach
    Integrated approach and cooperation in the organization of medical care at remote facilities
  • 8. Principles of continuity
    Respect for the principles of continuity