Thursday, February 20, 2020
This is our job!
A defining feature of the SibMedCenter (CCM Group) is the quality of medical services, which, first of all, is manifested through the high professionalism of the company's medical staff.

In a health center at one of the remote sites of SibMedCenter (CCM Group) a man in grave condition-ACS was admitted. A few minutes later, clinical death occurred.

For 4 hours, paramedics of the health center Anastasia Giniatulina, Dmitry Striukov and Pavel Levshinsky fought for the life of the man before the arrival of the aeromedical aircraft.

Colleagues performed extended resuscitation for 22 minutes, during which 5 defibrillation discharges were performed. Systemic thrombolysis was successfully applied also in the process. The protocol of extended resuscitation, which was used by paramedics, is included in the training program of courses taking place at the simulation training center Arctic Medical Training.

The close-knit work and professionalism of our paramedics contributed to saving human life. At the moment, the man is in the regional clinical hospital under the supervision of narrow specialists.

The company is proud of its employees Anastasia Giniatulina, Dmitry Stryukov and Pavel Levshinsky and expresses the gratitude to them for well-coordinated work and victim rescue!