Friday, August 9, 2019
CCM Group successfully organized the MCI program mass drill in Vietnam
MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) program mass drill was completed at the NSRP refinery, organized by the CCM VIETNAM clinic in Ni Shon, Vietnam (Thanh Hoa Province).

The group of MCI cases includes any incidents in which emergency medical personnel or equipment are overloaded with the number and severity of victims - natural disasters, fires indoors and accidents at work.
On August 6, the program for 25 victims was worked out as part of a one-day drill. At the NSRP site, the CCM VIETNAM clinic's medical staff have been conducting a complex, long-term training program for the participants for 4 months and have been organizing a large-scale emergency mass poisoning drill, attracting investments, additional equipment, space and resources. The key goal was to react correctly and quickly, using all clinic's capabilities for organizing the reception of a large number of victims by a team of doctors and first aid treatment.
"The drill was a success, the team worked very smoothly. The refinery's representatives, who were present at the MCI drill, highly evaluated the training and professional work our medical staff. I'd especially like to note the very good training organization which was arranged by our Clinic Manager Olga Khatit and our medical staff - Dr. Vladimir Meister and paramedic Eldar Salihov", - Dmitry Shinkarenko, Director of CCM VIETNAM Ltd.

CCM VETNAM regularly provides drills on the territory of the refinery. Each next incident is carried out according to a special scenario, the clinic develops a plan and conducts serious preparation.